GoLock - Cage for the Rode Wireless GO!

This 3D printed cage snaps onto your Rode Wireless GO or GO II and gives you a way to lock your microphone!

The GO-Lock also has cutouts for the built in microphone, buttons and and USB jack. The belt clip is unobstructed and the GO-Lock also provides a little extra protection if you drop your Rode Wireless GO transmitter.

Main Features

Threaded Lav Lock - The cage comes with a threaded cap that can be used with most lav microphones. We recommend you use Rode's lavalieres however as that is what we know works. 

Cutouts - Easily access the USB jack, power button, built in microphone and belt clip without issue.

Protection - The GO-Lock adds an extra thick later or plastic between your GO transmitter and any hard surfaces it might be dropped on. The flat edges also make your transmitter easier to pack or stand up on its sides or bottom.

Printable - You can 3D print your own GO-Lock using these free digital files or purchase completed kits below.

Buy GoLock $29.95

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Check out the videos below learn more about the GO-Lock!


Original Video

How to Prep 3D Print Files