CineBack™ - Cine Mod Your Camera!

Turn your camera into a cinema camera with CineBack™! This kit transforms your mirrorless camera into a solid box style cinema rig in minutes. Choose your camera from the list below to learn more and sign up for email updates on future camera support!

Choose Your Camera

    • Sony FX3 + FX30
    • Sony A7 Series (A7S III + A7IV + A7R IV + A7R V + A1)
    • Canon R5c (June-July 2024)
    • Sony ZV-E1  (June-July 2024)
    • Sony a6700 (June-July 2024)
    • Sony A7C II (June-July 2024) - V1 Digital 3D File
    • Lumix, Fuji, other (coming soon)
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