International Customs Fees, Import Duties, Taxes and Other Costs


NOTE: All customers outside of the USA are responsible for their own import duties, customs fee and any other tax of expense related to importing a US product into their country. Customers who choose to ship outside the US but refuse to pay customs fees will not receive a full refund. See the rejection policy below for more details.

Unfortunately we have no control over import duties, customs fees or other international country controlled laws and processes that take place outside of the US.

Therefore, we strongly suggest customers shipping outside of the United States use a customs fee calculator (see below) so there are no surprises once your package arrives in your country.

Customs Calculator

You can use to get a rough idea of what customs and import duties might cost you. Note, we are not affiliated with this website and have no way to confirm or guarantee the accuracy of the calculations it offers.

Simply enter your information including the product price, HS code and shipping cost. More details on those items below.

HS Codes

We often use  HS Code 900791 for camera accessories like CineBack, 851829 for MicBack and SM7BS etc.

Shipping Costs

While shipping costs for customers outside the US vary wildly, CineBack and our other larger products often cost $40-60 USD to ship internationally but prices vary greatly by country.

We currently only ship with UPS.

Rejection Policy


Customers who purchase products and refuse to pay customs fees will not receive a full refund when the product is returned back to us. Return shipping, importer and shipper fees along with a restocking fee will be removed from the total amount refunded. These fees stack up quickly so please do not purchase and ship out of the USA unless you are prepared to pay customs fees if any.