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The ULTIMATE DIY Video Recorder and Streamer!

The VideoDock takes the Rode Streamer X and converts it into a tiny video recorder and a streaming dock with a display and SSD dock on the back. Watch the video below to learn more!


Kits and Models

Below are the 4 different ways to purchase the VideoDock.

VideoDock - 3D printed monitor mount for the Rode Streamer X. Adds a universal monitor swivel mount for 5-7 inch displays.

Ninja SSD Module - 3D printed adapter that adapts standard SSDs to the Atomos Ninja V and adds an SSD dock slot for ingesting footage. Includes the SSD handle for Samsung EVO SSDs. Requires this SATA to SATA adapter and a SATA to USB adapter for the docking feature to work.

VideoDock + Ninja SSD Module - Full kit including the two previously mentioned models.

Digital 3D STL Download Files - 3D print your own VideoDock using these files.

VideoDock 3d printed parts

Main Features

  • Universal monitor swivel mount for 5-7 inch displays
  • Standard SSD adapter for Atomos Ninja V
  • SSD dock for ingesting footage
  • 1/4" mounting points for cable management and other accessories.

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