CineBack™ for FX3 and FX30

Model: CineBack™ FX3 Base - V-Mount
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Turn your Sony FX3 or FX30 into a cinema camera with CineBack™!

CineBack™ bolts onto the back or your camera giving you tons of mounting options, power choices and other features that you can learn about in the video and description below. You can choose to film with a boxy cinema setup or add the XLR Handle Extension Kit for a more documentary style setup.

CineBack™ Features

  • V-Mount battery plate for longer run time
  • D-Tap splitter with 4 outputs to power your camera and other accessories
  • XLR top handle compatible (with XLR Handle Extension sold separately here)
  • Power switch to completely cut power so there is no battery drain
  • Screen side mount allowing you to use your camera screen in cine mode, open or closed
  • Top and bottom cheese plates for mounting accessories and other rigging gear
  • Cable management and routing built in.
  • Modular with future module options to come

01:10 - What’s in the Box
01:43 - Assembly and Required Parts
02:24 - SmallRig Installation
04:44 - Tilta V2 Cage Installation
07:12 - Adding Dummy Battery or USB Adapter
08:35 - Adding a Battery
08:52 - Removing the Camera
09:14 - Body Overview
10:38 - Side Screen
11:19 - Power Switch
11:47 - Cable Management
12:30 - Battery Plate
12:52 - D-Tap Splitter
13:48 - Vanity Plate
14:37 - Lens Mount Rigging and Adapters
15:39 - XLR Handle Extension Kit

    Required Gear

    You only need one thing to get CineBack™ to work with your FX3 or FX30. The SmallRig 4183 FX3 Cage OR Tilta Full Cage for FX3 V2. We recommend the SmallRig cage for reasons mentioned in the video above.

    Optionally you can power the camera from the D-Tap jacks on CineBack™ with either a D-Tap to FZ100 Dummy Battery or a D-Tap to USB-C with Power Delivery into the cameras USB jack. We've used the Alvin's Cable version as well as the Kondor Blue cable without issue and also really dig the Kondor Blue D-Tap to USB adapter.


    • Will it work with the XLR audio handle? YES! This is now possible if you purchase the XLR Handle Extension Kit.
    • Will this model work with other cameras? No this exact model only works with the Sony FX3 and FX30. Check this page to see all of the other CineBack™ models available for different cameras.
    • Will there be a AB Gold Mount version? Yes we are working on a kit that users can use to swap battery plates